2019 Mobilty Humanities Festival poster

2019 Mobilty Humanities Festival

Date : 2019.9.3 ~ 6

Venue : Konkuk University

The Mobility Humanities Festival is a large humanities event held during the Mobility Humanities Week under the leadership of the HK + Mobility Humanities Education Center (MHE). The goal of the Mobility Humanities Festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the National Research Foundation, and Konkuk University, is to promote the research results of the Academy of Mobility Humanities AMH) and to cultivate the humanistic knowledge and literacy of citizens in the high-mobility era and increase the publics’ recognition on the humanities in a way that civil society is genuinely revitalized through knowledge and resources from the humanities.

The second year of the 2019 Mobility Humanities Festival was held in Konkuk University campus in Gwangjin-gu during the Humanities Week (September 3 ~ 6): Mobility Content included a Mobility Art Exhibition, Talk Concert, Mobility Film Festival, and Walking Mobility: Exploring Konkuk University Campus. Through this process, the research results of the Academy of Mobility Humanities were gathered and spread, and it is expected to be a great opportunity to raise the public's interest in the Humanities.​

Festival Events

Mobility Art Exhibition poster

Mobility Art Exhibition

Mobility Art Exhibition was held during the Humanities Week (September 3~6) of Mobility Humanities Festival 2019 at the lobby of Sanghuh Memorial Library. This event is to enhance the understanding of the concept of mobility for the general citizens. The exhibition was the collection of the artworks that the students expressed their ideas on Mobility Humanities after listening to the lectures provided by the Education Center. It is expected to promote the contents on mobility humanities and revitalize the Humanities activities in local communities.

This art exhibition was held in cooperation with Middle school Attached to College of Education Konkuk University located near the campus. Twenty-five works that passed the evaluation were exhibited, and local residents and students attended.
Mobility Talk Concert poster

Mobility Talk Concert

Talk Concert, one of the events of Mobility Humanities Festival, was held on November 4 at Room 103, Hae-bong Real Estate Building, Konkuk University. The talk concert aims to create an opportunity where students and general citizens who participated in the concert can discuss on mobility humanities.

Heung-su Park(Social public researcher/visiting scholar of Railroad policy), current railway driver with 23-year experience, gave a lecture on world history along the railroad and perspectives to see wider range of the world out of the confined frame. The lecture moderated by So-young Kang, editor of publishing company Humanitas, was followed by discussion and Q&A sessions with local citizens.
Mobility Film Festival poster

Mobility Film Festival

Mobility Film Festival was held under the theme of “mobility” on September 5 at KU CinemaTech, Art and Culture Building, Konkuk University. At the event, Director Bong Jun-ho’s “Snowpiercer”(2013) and Leos Carax’s “Holy Motors”(2012) was screened on the theme of mobility.

Through this film festival, we would like to exchange various ways of life and culture together, and raise the general public's awareness of mobility and revitalize humanities.
Walking Mobility - Exploring Konkuk University Campus poster

Walking Mobility - Exploring Konkuk University Campus

On Semtember 6, Walking Mobility – Exploring Konkuk Univ, Campus was held as the final event of the Humanities Week, at the Konkuk University campus. The event was held with the purpose of making the concept of mobility familiar to citizens by exploring the culture of their own community. About 40 people including students of Konkuk University and the local citizens participated in this event with the guide of Chan-Woong Lim, advisor from National Folk Museum.

The tour course was: the statue of the bull in front of Administration Building → Sanghuh Memorial Museum → Ilgam Lake → Cheongsimdae → Tomb of Yoo Suk-chang → Dojeonggung Gyeongwondang → Sanghuh Memorial Library. We finished all the events of Humanities Week by visiting the mobility exhibition held in the last visiting point of the tour and taking a picture.