Lighthouse Photo with a Story Contest  poster

Lighthouse Photo with a Story Contest

Date : 2021.9.27-10.12

Venue : Konkuk University

HK+ MHE holds Lighthouse Photo with a Story Contest as part of the 2021 Mobility Humanities Festival from September 27 to October 12 under the theme of “Guide in Mobility and Anchoring: A Story of My Own in a Korean Lighthouse!”
Those who want to enter the contest need to send a photo of a lighthouse, as a guide in navigational mobility and anchoring, with a personal story. To apply, submit the original photo file along with the application form, personal information collection and use agreement, and affidavit by email (to

An applicant may file up to 3 original photos copyrighted by the applicant. An award may be offered to only one of the photos submitted by a single applicant. The contest result will be announced on October 19. Prizes for winners are as follows: 1 million KRW for 1 grand prize; 700,000 KRW each for 2 gold prizes; 500,000 KRW each for 3 silver prizes; 200,000 KRW each for 5 bronze prizes.

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