photo of the director with a welcoming message
Welcome to the HK+ Mobility Humanities Education Center (MHE)!

The HK+ Mobility Humanities Education Center is a central hub for sharing and crafting humanities lectures for the general public. MHE’s work aims to revitalize and facilitate public participation in events and fairs in local communities.

With the support of the National Research Foundation and the Academy of Mobility Humanities (AMH) the MHE Center offers quality humanities lectures, which were hand-picked and filtered through a thorough selection process, for a variety of local partners and public institutions. We hope that the Center becomes a place where many people come together, gain a sense of fulfilment whilst communicating with each other and exploring their intellectual curiosity about Humanities.

Professor Jooyoung Kim

Vision and Activities

The importance of public engagement and sharing knowledge with local communities through civic education in the humanities is of pivotal importance in today’s connected world. The Center aims to disseminate knowledge and humanities research in the age of high-mobility where we believe that life, culture and thoughts are in crisis. In our efforts to find alternatives, we are drawing on the humanities to contribute to a better future mobile society. To achieve this vision, we are firmly relying on the notion of “Mobility Humanities based on Co-evolution of Human Beings and Technology.”

Our activities are varied. The Center will offer multiple and continuous education programs aimed at all sections of society, from elementary to lifelong education. In doing so, the Center aims to not only disseminate knowledge from mobility humanities research but also to cultivate civic humanistic literacy.